Company philosophy
Different scenes can design different scenery unique, natural and beautiful

For each product project, from customization to production, installation to completion of the project, we are working hard at every step. We are based on service and survive on quality. Different scenes can be designed with different scenery scenes. ​

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Dongguan Qishi Longxiang Plastic Flower Processing Shop is a simulation plant manufacturer, mainly engaged in simulation plastic flowers, simulation plant walls, simulation flowers and green plants, simulation succulents...

Product Recommended
  • Simulation creeper

    Simulation creeper

    Name: Wall-hanging plant rattan Type: Parthenocissus leaf rattan with iron wire, green radish rattan, sweet potato leaf rattan, sweet potato leaf rattan···
  • Artificial flower rose

    Artificial flower rose

    Artificial plant bonsai name: single bouquet of roses Material: silk cloth + hand-feel cloth/environmental-friendly plastic, select high-quality hand-feel cloth···
  • Simulation hydrangea

    Simulation hydrangea

    Artificial plastic flower name: single hydrangea Material: silk cloth + hand-feel cloth/environmental-friendly plastic, select high-quality hand-feel cloth, delicate touch, elegant color matching, ful
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  • 2020-09-01

    How to place artificial flowers in the living room and dining room

    In the past, the application of artificial plastic flowers in home life is very common. So, what are the suitable spaces for artificial plastic flowers in the home? And what are the display techniques? The restaurant is our area for three meals a day. When placing artificial flowers, we must choose the color ratio
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  • 2020-09-01

    Imitation flowers seal your beauty

    Artificial plastic flowers have become a very common decoration in the past. Not only ordinary families will buy artificial flowers, but some of the scenic spots outside are replaced with artificial flowers. A few days ago, the editor and friends went to a certain scenic spot to play. Passing by a garden, there is no venue
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