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Company introduction: Dongguan Longxiang Flower Factory was established in 2007, specializing in the production of high-quality simulation wall hanging flowers, simulation plant vines, simulation bonsai design. Form a modern enterprise that has a complete production system and the most mature international production technology, and is open, tolerant, and win-win situation facing the future.

Product introduction: simulation flowers and leaves. The company’s main products include silk printed leaves, simulation flowers and green plants, simulation leaf branches, simulation plant bonsai,Simulation plant wallWait. The simulated objects are resistant to wind and sun, rain, and the color and gloss remain unchanged, without any maintenance, and the products can be used indoors and outdoors for a long time. The company has always insisted on "meeting customer needs" and wholeheartedly providing quality services to our customers, and won the recognition of customers and friends with integrity, strength and quality.

company advantage:Longxiang Flower Factory has 15 years of corporate culture,1. Many businesses, 2. High quality, 3. Good creativity, 4. Have a complete production system.

company culture:1. Vision: harmonious coexistence, development and innovation. 2. Concept: pursuit of excellence and achievement of the future. 3. Standard: honesty and trustworthiness, dedication and dedication. Development history: Since Longxiang Flower Factory applied for a license in 2007, the founder has been adhering to the principle of quality first, innovation first, and customer first.

It began to focus on processing, focusing on quality and management, and gradually grew into an independent innovation enterprise. Our factory now has more than 100 products that are in hot sale. The products are suitable for furnishings and greening in various aspects such as home furnishings, engineering, hotels, offices and gardens. Longxiang Flower Factory has experienced more than ten years of development. The founders have focused more on building a management team, completing customer orders on time with quality and quantity, striving to solve product problems encountered by customers, and establishing new reputations. In the future, Longxiang Flower Factory will continue to serve customers and contribute to the society with sincerity, trust and seeking truth from facts.

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