Apple tree

Apple tree


Name: Single bunch of apple tree Material: Silk cloth+ The leaves are felt-touch tape, the branches are plastic, the leaves are printed, and there are white plastic whiskers. ···

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Flower simulation treeName: Single bunch of apple trees

Material: Silk cloth+The leaves are hand-feeling tape, the branches are plastic, printed leaves, and white plastic whiskers.

Specifications: Priced a bunch, apple ring 8-11m,Process: The branches and poles are made of PE plastic injection molding, screen printing, and the leaves of the flower simulation tree undergo a scraping process.

use:Environmental healthHighly restore the real close to self-heating, enjoy freedom, high decoration, enjoy freedom and comfort in a new life.

note:The size is manually measured, there will be some errors, please refer to the actual product;Be applicableMulti-scene, can be used in wedding, living room, dining room, bedroom, office, etc.

The flower-like artificial tree is high and imitates green plants, giving you a reason for your heart. Simple, direct, functional and close to nature, a serene Nordic style and elegant temperament.

(Apple tree)

Light green navy blue light yellow wine red    

(Apple ring)

Dark and light green leaves (burgundy fruit)

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