Simulation hydrangea

Simulation hydrangea


Artificial plastic flower name: single hydrangea Material: silk cloth + hand-feel cloth/environmental-friendly plastic, select high-quality hand-feel cloth, delicate touch, elegant color matching, full of beauty; ···

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Simulation plastic flowerName: Single Hydrangea

Material: silk cloth + hand-feel fabric/environmental-friendly plastic, select high-quality hand-feel fabric, delicate touch, elegant color matching, and full of beauty;

Specifications: Priced a bunch, a single hydrangea with a length of 85CM, artificial plastic flower Note: The size is manually measured, there will be some errors, please refer to the actual product;

Artificial plastic flower craftsmanship: plastic punching of branches and stems, silk screen printing of leaves, petals are made of hand-feeling cloth, through the process of punching, dyeing, and setting, and then the hand-feel glue is moisturizing and translucent.

Application: weddings, hotels, cafes, restaurants, living rooms, etc.

Touch the petals with your hands, it is like a real flower with thick fleshy feeling and elasticity, cold and full of water, full color, transparent and fresh.


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