Artificial flower rose

Artificial flower rose


Artificial plant bonsai name: single bouquet of roses Material: silk cloth + hand-feel cloth/environmental-friendly plastic, select high-quality hand-feel cloth···

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Simulation plant bonsaiName: Single bunch of roses

Material: silk cloth + feel cloth/environmental protection plastic,Select high-quality hand-feel fabrics, delicate touch, elegant color matching, and full of beauty;

Specifications: Priced a bunch, 3 roses are 22CM long, 5 roses are 35CM long, 9 roses are 39CM long, and the overall length is 56CM;

Note: The size is manually measured. There will be some errors in the simulation of plant bonsai. Please refer to the actual item received. Occasions: hotels, cafes, restaurants, living rooms, etc.


■ The artificial flower can be wiped and cleaned with a wet wipe or a clean damp cloth, and quickly use a dry cloth to clean up the residual moisture. Do not directly rinse or soak with water for a long time, which may cause damage.

■ The artificial flower is different from the real flower art, and is a handmade work, don't over imagine it. Occasionally, there may be residual trimming laces or leaves falling off (the falling off part can be installed back), this is normal and does not affect the use, please be careful to shoot!

Different display devices may have color difference in the picture. Please refer to the actual product for artificial plant bonsai.

Place it at will, all can be combined into a bottle of flower art, the shape is realistic, no different from real flowers

(5 roses)

Big redPink pure white

Orange pink purple pink yellow

(9 roses)

OrangeColor pink bright red

Pink yellow pink purple big red

Pure white multiple product color display


(3 roses with 61cm length)

Pink yellowBig redBrilliant red

(Light green)

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