Simulation carnation

Simulation carnation


Name: Single Carnation Material: Silk cloth + Hand-feeling cloth/environmental-friendly plastic, the flowers are made of high-quality silk cloth, the fabric is thick and tall and the workmanship is exquisite···

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Artificial plastic flower name:Single carnation

Material: silk cloth + feel cloth/environmental protection plastic,The flowers are made of high-quality silk fabric, and the artificial plastic flower fabric is thick, tall and straight, with exquisite workmanship, elegant color and rich layering.

Specification: price a bunch, overall length56CM, Note: The size is manually measured, and there will be some errors. Please refer to the actual product for the simulation of plastic flowers. Occasions: hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, living rooms, etc.

The years of enthusiasm will not be in vain through unbridled swaying. Thanks to a touch of brightness at home, my gathering with guests is more precious

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