How to place artificial flowers in the living room and dining room


As usual,Simulation plastic flowerThe application in home life is very common. Then,Simulation plastic flowerWhich space should be placed in the home? What are the placement techniques?

The restaurant is the area where we have three meals a day. When placing artificial flowers, we should choose a more elegant color. The flower branches should not be too big, but small ones. The flower branches that are too large will give people a very unexpected feeling. Top-heavy feeling, choosing small, elegantly colored artificial flowers will give the entire restaurant a very simple and clean feeling.

The living room is the area where we spend most of the time, and it is also the area where we invite friends and friends. Don't be greedy for decorations, just be exquisite. Place artificial flowers in the living room, try to use bright colors, round petals, larger branches, and brightly colored artificial flowers will make the whole living room look very lively and add a spring atmosphere. People stay in the living room and give people a very warm feeling. It feels like being integrated with nature; the petals are round and round, and the sides show the kindness of the owner. They are round and gentle, giving people a very comfortable feeling, and generally give people a warm and fresh feeling. In addition, when choosing flowers It must be matched with the overall style of the living room to complement each other to achieve the best effect.

Place artificial flowers, need attentionSimulation plastic flowerShopping tips, how to choose?

1. Don't just look at the price, you have to weigh from many aspects, and choose the cost-effective flower. The artificial flowers in the domestic market are divided into high, middle and low grades, and they are sold. Therefore, the quality of low-cost flowers is not necessarily good. It must be weighed from its workmanship, size, material and other factors;
2. Ordinary living room should put at least one pot of floor-to-ceiling flower art, beside the TV frame, sofa corner, it can double the effect! Room, dining table, kitchen and coffee table can choose one pot each;
3. What is the estimated budget space for spending before buying. Carefully look at the seller’s size description when buying, so as not to be biased with the pictures I see;
4.Simulation plastic flowerThe choice of color, you must first like it, the color can be the same color as the main color of the room, lighter or darker, or warmer with clearer colors! Green and black and white gold are all four colors! I hope you can choose your heart. Yi's Huahua, let's start shopping now!

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